Identity Restoration

Upon detection or notification of suspicious identity related activity, our team will immediately work with the impacted customer to determine if the activity is fraudulent. Upon determination of fraudulent activity, we will appoint a restoration specialist certified by the ICFE (Institute of Consumer Financial Education) who will take the following steps:

1. Contact the affected institutions via our ID Network to instantly halt the fraudulent transaction(s).
2. Obtain a limited power of attorney from customer to allow the restoration specialist to work on the customer’s behalf.
3. Place fraud alerts on the customer’s credit files with the three major credit bureaus to prevent further damage.
4. Review the customer’s identity and credit report to look for other potential fraud. Research and investigate potential damage to customer’s identity and make best efforts to restore the customer’s identity to pre-event status.
5. File a Police Report with the proper law enforcement authorities.
6. Dispute and/or communicate with the negatively affected financial institu tions, creditors, the three major credit bureaus, collection agencies, utility companies, healthcare/insurance providers, the IRS, law enforcement, court representatives, and others as needed.
7. Create and maintain a case file to document the ID theft event. This case file is important to establish the facts surrounding
the ID theft event and to establish the customer’s rights as a victim. This case file may include contact information for the customer, details of the case as provided by the customer, notes from contacts made on behalf of the customer, responses from entities involved in the cases, and pertinent documentation, including an ID Theft Affidavit, Affidavit of Forgery, Limited
Power of Attorney Authorization, Police Report and other applicable docu ments as required by individual circumstances.
8. Help customer identify whether or not there are grounds to file an ID Theft Insurance claim. Assist customer in filing claim with insurance underwriter when applicable.
9. When fraudulent use of a social security number has occurred, especially in the event of employment fraud, provide assistance with obtaining and reviewing the customer’s Social Security Personal Earnings and Benefits Statement.
10. Other assistance required that we might reasonably be able to offer cus- tomers on a case-by-case basis.


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